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In the Bleak Mid Winter - don't get left out in the cold

Have you ever come back from the off season and had your trusty triathlon buddy come back better than you?  You know the scenario, you were always neck and neck in training sessions, that one person you could gauge whether you were improving or not by being able to keep up with them....and then suddenly, come Spring time - it's like they have been secretly training all winter and have left you behind!

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3 Running Strength and Conditioning Exercises you Should be Doing

This blog looks at three simple strength and conditioning exercises and demonstrates how you can use them to become more efficient as a runner, reduce the chance of injury and therefore improve your consistency in running and fundamentally get faster. These are great as strengthening work, or as a bit of fun/challenge to add in to your running training routine.

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An insight into Good Quality Strength and Conditioning

We spoke to the Bosworth Clinic's Strength and Conditioning (S&C) Coach, Paul Ledger, to discuss some core components of quality S&C programs. In our interview below, he draws on his extensive knowledge of massage therapy and strength and conditioning brought about through many years of working in high performance sport – from Olympic Games to World Cups, this man knows his stuff!

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