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Specificity and Including Open water in your IRONMAN Training Plan

Keeping training on plan and IRONMAN specific as well as conquering the open water are two big considerations for IRONMAN athletes in their final block of training. Maintaining focus in training and overcoming a huge barrier to IRONMAN events (the open water swim) can prove problematic for some athletes. In this blog we' will try to guide you through these two areas of your preparation.

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Open Water Swim Session 1

Here is a quick set to consider doing before you next open water session – This is more than just trying to get as many loops done as you can!

The purpose of this session is to have awareness of different speeds while you are swimming. Throughout the whole session you will have to be sighting and you may even get the opportunity to settle into some drafting if you find another swimmer who is swimming at the right pace for you.

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How to Break the 1 Hour IRONMAN Swim Barrier

Here we break down what that formidable 1-hour IRONMAN swim looks like to help make the impossible become seemingly possible. For many people dipping below the hour is a fantastic accolade and will help you get out on the bike ahead of the madness that is the large group of athlete swimming just over one hour. Is it all to do with being a great swimmer, or is there more to it than that?

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In the Bleak Mid Winter - don't get left out in the cold

Have you ever come back from the off season and had your trusty triathlon buddy come back better than you?  You know the scenario, you were always neck and neck in training sessions, that one person you could gauge whether you were improving or not by being able to keep up with them....and then suddenly, come Spring time - it's like they have been secretly training all winter and have left you behind!

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Trev's favourite swim tips.

Swimming is often referred to as the most technical of the triathlon disciplines. As much as I agree with that sentiment, I only agree with it if you are not already an accomplished swimmer. Many an athlete has come to triathlon off the back of a strong swimming background, only to be a bit challenged by running or biking. Swim like a fish, run or bike with some difficulties, so in the case of these athletes the original statement does not hold true.

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