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Injury Prevention while training for an IRONMAN

Training for an IRONMAN can be a gruelling and tough task. Your body literally takes a pounding through the training you are doing and can sometimes break down. Carrying some sort of injury while training is very common among triathletes, almost so common that athletes think it is expected that they will end up carrying an injury through training. Well, we disagree!

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Triathlon Coaching or Physical Training?

Quite often I find it amusing when I meet people for the first time. After the initial question of "What is your name?", the follow up is always the tricky one to explain. "What do you do?". When you say "coach", immediately, your new acquaintance says: "Oh, a PT!" proudly as if they know what you do. Though both a professional coach and a professional PT work with people in a sports and leisure environment, the reality is they don't have as much in common than first appears. It like when someone says they work as Civil Engineer. To say they shovel tarmac is their indirectly what they do, but it is a different role completely. Clearly, the athletes we work with do physical activity but as a result of what we do not as our purpose.

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