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Nutrition for Injury Recovery

Being injured is extremely frustrating. Not only does it stop you from doing what you love but also sets you back in your training. Knowing what to do nutritionally in the initial period can limit recovery time and influence the quality of repair. Here, Helen Money helps guide you on how to ensure a quick return to the sporting arena from a nutritional point of view.

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Macro Nutrition Guidelines from Helen Money

Helen Money of The Bosworth Clinic has provided a great general rough guideline of what you should be eating and how much. This is a general guideline and as always, if you are unsure it is best to get the professional help of someone like Helen! Here we recommend you look at tracking what you are eating and reflect at the end of a week and see if there are areas you can improve. You can track using an app like myfitnesspal which links straight into your Training Peaks account! Nutrition is never a stationary goal post, it changes with the season and your training load or cycle. So it is always worth reviewing how you are doing with it. Read below to see where you sit and if you are unsure, chat with your coach to get more advice.

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Three Common Injuries I see with Triathletes

Sharon Simpson, one of the physio's who has worked with us for a couple of years in Portugal and now resides at The Bosworth Clinic is always on hand to help with her insight and expertise. Below she explores three very common injuries she sees and likely causes to help you avoid them and stay consistent with your training. 

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