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Preparing to Suffer On Race Day

Racing a triathlon is tough. Yes, there are countless sayings: "winter miles, summer smiles", "train hard, race easy”, etc. etc. However, that isn’t really why we race, that describes why we train. We race for a variety of different reasons, some very personal to ourselves. This article helps you define what question you are asking yourself by racing and helps you get ready to answer it.

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Free your mind and the rest will follow...

Tim has been a coached athlete with Tri Training Harder for 12 months and has been working on his psychology and focus during a race - his most recent race at Outlaw Half demonstrates what a positive difference psychology can make to your racing. Here Tim recounts his race preparation and the race itself, reflecting on what went well and what could be improved for the future.

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What is Performance Psychology?

Competing at sport means putting yourself 'out there'. Rarely do you find a situation where you are so far ahead that you will just win, every personal victory, be it an Olympic gold medal or completing your first park run, means you woke up that day and you had put yourself 'out there'. You set yourself a goal and you did you best to achieve it. You had to answer a question of yourself that only you could answer. You made yourself vulnerable. 

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