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Help! I've Entered A Triathlon And I Don't Know Where To Start.....

We've all been there (read the coaches bios!) where we've entered an event not really knowing what it entails, egged on by a bit of peer pressure, Fear Of Missing Out or just because it sounded like a good idea at the time.  Below we discuss the elements you need to include in your training to help you complete your first triathlon.....hopefully the first of many.

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All Together Now.....

It's that time of year when, if you live in North of the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is basically awful.  Dark mornings, dark evenings, grey and/or wet in between means the thought of training is less than appealing.  It takes a great deal of motivation and commitment to get out and complete the sessions.....especially if you are in the base or preparation phase of a training plan where the sessions are building the blocks for later.

What to do?  How can you magically motivate yourself to come home, change and get back out there, or not hit the snooze button in the morning? Here we explore how your local club may be the answer to your problems!

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In the Bleak Mid Winter - don't get left out in the cold

Have you ever come back from the off season and had your trusty triathlon buddy come back better than you?  You know the scenario, you were always neck and neck in training sessions, that one person you could gauge whether you were improving or not by being able to keep up with them....and then suddenly, come Spring time - it's like they have been secretly training all winter and have left you behind!

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GO TRI is an initiative set up and funded by Triathlon England to make multi discipline sport more accessible to everyone. The GO TRI events are generally shorter in distance than 'normal' events with slightly relaxed rules and a huge emphasis on giving it a go and having fun. These events are designed to be very beginner friendly with the majority (if not all!) the participants completing something like this for the first time.

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Aero testing - is it really worth it?

The term “aero testing” has been banded around for some time now but it has so far always been reserved for those with unlimited budgets, namely professional athletes. As with all new technologies though, they eventually find their way to the mass market. There are now a variety of low(er) cost and easier to source aero testing facilities all aimed at making you go faster for less effort.

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5 reasons why you should train with TTH - by Janz Fredo

To some people, training for a week in the beautiful Algarve, Portugal with Tri Training Harder’s coaches can be a bit daunting. A lot of people believe we only cater for serious athletes or at least the pros. This could not be further from the truth and we were lucky enough to stumble on this secret blog from holiday athlete Janz Fredo to his friends on “5 reasons why you should train with Tri Training Harder”. 

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