Holiday Strength Training

For many of us who are preparing for races this summer, having a holiday trip planned away with family and friends can set worries in your mind about how you are going to train. Now by this point in the season, some of us need a break from training so go ahead and get relaxing but for those of us with our A races on the horizon, take this opportunity to really focus on your strength conditioning. Strength training is often something which is pushed to the side whilst we all try and cram in swim, bike, run sessions. However, neglecting this type of training could be the one thing that is preventing you from reaching your potential, whether you are a sprint distance athlete or an Ironman athlete. You don’t need a gym, you just need an imagination and to be creative with the things around you.

One of the main focuses for these sessions should be on maintaining good form and perfecting technique throughout the workout. The weight will not be heavy but at this point in the season you want to be conditioning rather than building bulk.

What you can use as a substitute for the equipment used in strength sessions;

6 pack of water bottles

-large empty water bottle (1.5litre plus) filled with either sand or stones

-6 pack of water bottles (full)

-steps outside or inside

-a ledge about half a metre off the ground which you can jump on to

-towel or sun lounger cushion

Session to get you started;

Warm up

10 minutes warming up

2 minutes jogging or running up and down steps*

10 squat jumps

10 press ups

10 squat thrusts

Weighted water bottle


Main Set

2 x plank (held for 30 seconds-1 minute)

10 x single leg squats, each leg (unweighted)

10 x squats with 6 pack of water bottles

10 x Bavarian squats, each leg with weight filled bottle

10 x box jump using an appropriate ledge


Cool Down

5 minutes stretching

Then relax with a cocktail or beer!

*Please do this with caution we are not advocating that you should put yourself in a position of where there is a high risk of accident

Above all else, enjoy the psychological break from the hectic normality of life!



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