Sponsorship Opportunities

We look to partner with companies and individuals that share our values and want to allow athletes to flourish. All of our Partners are selected for their product fit with our brand and approach to triathlon. If you would like to join the Tri Training Harder community on our mission to influence and inspire athletes in the most positive way then please get in touch as we would love to explore any opportunities.


Sponsored Athletes

A Tri Training Harder Sponsored Athlete represents the top end of Tri Training Harder coaching. A Sponsored Athlete embodies what the TTH community is all about and each athlete is chosen to represent the brand on individual merit.

Becoming a Tri Training Harder Sponsored Athlete is by invitation only. Athletes coached by Tri Training Harder are invited to become Sponsored if they have demonstrated consistent results at recognised age group races coupled with the correct mindset and approach to the sport.

Sponsored Athletes will have access to discounts and also a variety of free products provided in conjunction with our Partner brands.


Brands & Equipment

We only consider partnering with Brands & Equipment that we have personal experience of. Tried and tested brands producing high quality, useful products that we believe in. We offer discounts to our Coached Athletes on all of our partner brands through discount coupons, ranging from 10% to 40%.

Click here to Contact Us and find out more about Partnership opportunities with Tri Training Harder.


Events & Races

We have partnered with a wide variety of Events & Races in the past. From The National Triathlon Show to IRONMAN UK Events, we have put ourselves out in front of triathletes of all abilities to share and widen our knowledge and expertise.