We are committed to employing people with the same sort of passion, drive and commitment to triathlon and triathletes that the business was founded upon.

At Tri Training Harder we are always looking to grow our coaching team. We are looking for talented growth-minded coaches to join our team and develop their experience alongside like-minded coaches working with athletes of all abilities to help them achieve. A coaching role with TTH contains the opportunity to not only coach athletes remotely in the long term but access to other earning opportunities such as technique clinics, training plan consultations, one to ones and potentially our training holidays. All coaches will pass through staff training and be included in all of our Coaching Development work. We want to work with coaches in order to help them develop and as such have made a change to our recruitment taking a long term and broader approach to supporting and working with coaches at a range of levels.

If you believe you fit the bill of one of the three descriptions below please get in touch with us by filling out an application form. If you do have any questions at all then please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

To read more about our Coach Development framework, please read our blog here.


Work Experience

For coaches of any level who wish to share ideas and gain experience by voluntarily joining us delivering our coaching programme.

Development Coach

For Coaches with 3+ years varied coaching experience and a Level 2 BTF Qualification.

TTH Coach

A fast track into Coaching work for coaches with greater than 5 years varied coaching experience. Including relevant remote 1:1 coaching qualification.

Applications for all TTH Coaching roles are always open!