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How to Balance Training with a Busy Schedule. Athlete Profile: Hagai and Tevfik

Here we introduce Tevfik, who works in the financial services bouncing his time between London and Turkey while training for IRONMAN and Hagai who balances his family, working life in the city with training for long course and middle distance races. They have both been working with Tri Training Harder for a few years and are certainly fantastic characters. They kindly give us an insight to how they fit their training into a busy schedule. See what you can learn from these two:

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Ollie Stoten – My First Year as a Doctor....

As Ollie Stoten reflects on his first year as a doctor, he realises it probably hasn't been a normal right of passage. After a successful 2016, we look at how 2017 shaped up for Ollie. Crossing continents, Alpine ranges and smashing race results. Here, both Ollie and his Coach Philip Hatzis candidly reflect on a truly unique season. [Read about how his perspective changed through the race season here]

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