5 reasons why you should train with TTH - by Janz Fredo

To some people, training for a week in the beautiful Algarve, Portugal with Tri Training Harder’s coaches can be a bit daunting. A lot of people believe we only cater for serious athletes or at least the pros. This could not be further from the truth and we were lucky enough to stumble on this secret blog from holiday athlete Janz Fredo to his friends on “5 reasons why you should train with Tri Training Harder”. 

We may not agree on all points but we thought we should share: 

The idea of a triathlon holiday can fill anyone with dread. Parkrun is bad enough with those people that wear the IMUK visors and finisher shirts that go to great lengths to mention they have done an Ironman; but a whole week of them? Really? However not all camps are the same, just as not all triathletes are the same. Embark on a Tri Training Harder camp with these tips in mind and you may just come back fitter, more relaxed and with twenty spare Go Ahead bars (do not ask) in your luggage:

This may or may not contain the secret recipe.......

1)Lemon Drizzle Cake Club 

Taking on a Triathlon training week ensures that you will either be eating and training or training and eating, at all points. Whilst most of the food supplied in the apartment is endless, the legendary Lemon Drizzle Cake is a one time deal.

This cake can only be described as divine. It is soft, sweet and hits the spot whether you have spent the morning swimming, the afternoon running and everywhere in between cycling. Or to be fair, for those just getting up and needing something with their first coffee of the day.

The problem? It's limited and you have to share it with your roomies. Don't be that person that eats all the cake and doesn't share, be nice to your fellow training buddies. Or chop a third off and hide it, then share the rest.

This sneaky thought process will soon become apparent after you've had one slice.

2) #Sockgame / #hatgame

Check out my socks!

You may notice that Tri Training Harder's team colours are red. You could be mistaken that this signifies the spirit of "racing" or "speed". However, it clearly denotes flamboyance and style and this theme is apparent from the moment you sit on your bike in Portugal.

Hats off to you!

Cyclists are known to be a little “crazy” when it comes to fashion, no more so than Coach Snazzy Socks who has more entries into sock game than the rest of the team combined. So do not be scared to join in: be it bright socks or a stylish cycling hat your game is important so bring your best, brightest and badass kit you have.

Just do not forget to tweet/gram your outfits, play it well and you may just out stance even Coach Snazzy Socks.

3) "If it isn't on Strava..." 

Most people attending Portugal will be familiar with Strava and the need to record all your training; after all did this training camp really happen if it isn't on Strava? Is a Facebook selfie at the top of the mountain really going to cut it? No. Not really.

Strava is the perfect way to show everyone just how well you are doing and improving through the week.If you are unaware of what Strava is or you have not registered, please make sure you register before you take off to Portugal and link your watch, bike computer, fitness device or smartphone - you will want to let the world know you are training in some pretty stunning surroundings and just how long the Sunday ride was.

Also, and most importantly, it does give you the option of beating Coach Selfie’s segments and seeing his loveable but sad frown as he loses another King of the Mountains.

4) It is a holiday too

Despite the rumours, and Coach Military’s stern looks, this is a holiday. Drinking is allowed (there is a crate of beer in the kitchen!) as are smiles and down time in the pool. The location in Portugal at the Residences is ridiculously lovely, and combined with the weather - you are looking at the best holiday you have ever had before you have even made it to the mountains or beach.

Well deserved beers

This time is about you, you can do as much training or as little training as you want - it is all optional. However the way the sessions are structured (long days / short days) means there is plenty of time to chill out, catch up with some rest or even have a few beers if you want.  Just do not tell Coach Military, she tells us that beers are banned!

5) You aren’t just a number

Coming on a triathlon holiday with Tri Training Harder doesn’t just mean they train you for a week or you are just another person; you become part of something special. They really get to know you - be it your aims, races or concerns and your training is suited to this.

This continues post holiday when you get up race morning, nervously check your Facebook account and the support and encouragement is still coming from the team at HQ wishing you well, and reassuring you! Or even encouragement through the Strava group on your latest PB; after a week in Portugal it all changes.

We're not sure what to expect next from Janz Fredo, but look out for his (or her!) next blog - who knows what it will contain!

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