Why should I choose a TTH triathlon training plan?

Detailed session plans

Structured workouts that can be exported to your device and followed in real time

Structured, periodised training that builds through the season to your race date

Analyse your workout data in Training Peaks after your session

Coaching support from experienced TTH Coaches

Training Zones to help you train at the correct intensity - avoid unnecessary injury, undertraining and overtraining

What can I expect from a TTH triathlon training plan?


All of our training plans are created by highly experienced British Triathlon coaches.

View and review all sessions on your phone using the TrainingPeaks app.

Sessions delivered straight to your inbox each day (if you have a Premium TrainingPeaks account).

Training Peaks integration for online viewing and analysis.

Swim, bike and run sessions all built around your ability in that individual discipline.

Detailed explanations of how to do each session and the reason for doing it.

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