Olympic Triathlon

All of our Training Plans cover all three disciplines and are designed to be suitable for the majority of athletes competing at the respective events. Click on the link below to purchase your plan from Training Peaks.

This is an Olympic Distance triathlon training plan lasting 20 weeks. It is organised so there are 8 weeks of base training, 8 weeks of build training and 4 weeks of competition specific training.

20 weeks

Sessions per week: 3 run, 3 swim, 3 bike

Average weekly volume: 9.3 hours


This Olympic or standard distance training plan has been written by the experienced Coaches at Tri Training Harder and has been generated after a review of thousands of training plans. We have taken our most popular sessions, format and schedule from years of online coaching with hundreds of athletes and we have put them together with new structured workouts where appropriate to create this Olympic Distance triathlon training plan.


In this Olympic Distance training plan we generally have tried to stick to a weekly structure of:

  • 3 Swim Sessions

  • 3 Bike Sessions

  • 3 Run Sessions


We also recognise that most people have more time to train at the weekend, as such the longer sessions are scheduled for the weekend, with weekday sessions kept shorter.

This plan is certainly appropriate for the individual looking to record a PB at the Olympic distance. Due to the way we have set the plan up, almost any ability can train using it to great success. The sessions will adapt for you and build with you as you progress and improve. We have included key test sessions and of course the training peaks auto threshold adapter, will adjust as you get stronger! The plan starts reasonably steady and builds sensibly with a peak and taper into your Olympic distance race ensuring you arrive at the start line ready to go and fully rested.

What Gadgets do I need?

You can complete this plan using your sense of feel (RPE) and a timer (e.g. stop watch). However, you can also use more advanced metrics like heart rate monitors, or power meters, link sessions to Zwift (or equivalent) using the session builder or even use running power meters – you can go as technological as you want! Each session allows you to choose what works best for you in the description and you can train in your preferred manner.

Do I get any more assistance?

Throughout the training plan, you also get links to helpful articles or videos to see how to do drills, learn more about the race and give you some psychological tools.

Furthermore, if you want more assistance, just be in touch and we can connect you with a coach who can review your training, talk you through any concerns or questions you have make any adjustments if you need it.


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