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To Flash or Not to Flash?

When it comes to bike lights I believe the back and the front do not require the same approach. Sure, this is my opinion and therefore does not make it the only way to use your lights. I hope that my opinion will help to enlighten cyclists to make a more informed decision of what would offer them the best use in different scenarios. I have considered this from various points of view and have tried to recall as many moments, that I have personally experienced, in order to reflect on situations others many not have considered. One of the reasons I felt the need to talk about this is that in the event of an incident or accident you may find that the law or regulations may be against you due to the small print.

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Trev's favourite swim tips.

Swimming is often referred to as the most technical of the triathlon disciplines. As much as I agree with that sentiment, I only agree with it if you are not already an accomplished swimmer. Many an athlete has come to triathlon off the back of a strong swimming background, only to be a bit challenged by running or biking. Swim like a fish, run or bike with some difficulties, so in the case of these athletes the original statement does not hold true.

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