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Elaine Garvican Race Report: Ironman World Championship 2017

The 2017 Ironman World Championships was my 3rd experience of racing on the Big Island. I qualified at Ironman Weymouth in September 2016, which gave Philip and I a little over a year to prepare. Thirteen months to dream, to plan and to train for just over 10 hours of swimming, biking and running. I went to Kona aiming at the age group podium and in the end, I fell slightly short. When I started to think about this race report, I was reminded of one a good friend of mine once wrote about a race at which he qualified for Kona whilst also not quite hitting several other goals. He entitled it “A Rather Glorious Failure” and in many ways this is how I feel about my 2017 World Champs race. 

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Elaine Garvican: When is a race not a race?

In my book, pretty much never. If I pin on a number, I want to perform as well as I can on that day, with whatever fitness I have. Personally, I don’t see much point in a “training race” where I purposely hold back. That’s not to say there isn’t a benefit for some people – but I think when you reach a certain level of experience, you don’t necessarily need a race in order to test nutrition, or equipment. I can do those things in training, or in a sportif if the requirement is for a longer ride. For me, a race provides things a training session does not; competition and a level of intensity it is extremely difficult to replicate on your own. Removing these aspects would negate the point of coughing up an entry fee.

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Elaine Garvican: My Day on a Plate

As any triathlete knows, training is hungry work and training multiple times a day means you have to be a little bit more organized about what you eat and when if you’re not going to fall victim to junk food cravings. Here, Tri Training Harder Race Team athlete Elaine Garvican lets us in on what she ate – and the training that food fuelled – and registered nutritionist Helen Money from The Bosworth Clinic casts her expert eye on the day’s intake.

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