How to progress your coaching career

What leads to coach development?

Ultimately coach development comes down to a mixture of time and experience, applied on top of solid theoretical knowledge. It can be a difficult journey to walk at times and it can seem like there are frustrating barriers in front of coaches, especially for those coaches who are currently coaching on a voluntary basis but wish to take their coaching further.

How do you gain more experience or qualification without making the leap to leaving your full time job or taking on some other significant financial risk? Work experience or volunteering your time, shadowing or offering coaching to athletes on an open and honest basis are all fantastic methods as they lead to active coaching with real athletes and the vital gaining of experience.

Tri Training Harder have developed a coaching development framework based upon building experience, knowledge, and skills in a progressive manner through different bands. These bands are made up of over

 100 different qualities, skills, attributes or pieces of knowledge we require our coaches to have at each level. This allows the coach to have information with which to reflect upon their work, and in conjunction with the athlete feedback help to facilitate their development along with guidance from their Coach Mentor. 

Each band of our framework builds around moving theory into practice and ensuring that our coaches are referring to the same page when decision-making. This helps us to ensure our coaching is consistent but also help the athlete receive high-quality coaching. Coaches will receive presentations, observe existing coaches, practical experience, peer-reviewed coaching, reading lists, task assessment and not just a short-term mentored period, but one that continues throughout their coaching with Tri Training Harder.

At Tri Training Harder we want to work with coaches in order to help them develop and gain experience, as such we have made a change to our recruitment by taking a longer-term and broader approach to supporting and working with coaches at a range of levels. 

The framework, therefore, consists of three entry points and these entry points are based upon the differing experience level of coaches represented in the progression above. We want to invest in coaching as a whole, be that a club coach who simply wishes to have the opportunity to gain some experience or an experienced coach who wishes to work as part of a coaching team. 

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