One Year On From the Wildfires in Portugal

Our Portuguese training holiday catering team, Scott and Lynn express their thanks in an update one year since the Portuguese fires devastated their house and village in northern Portugal. They were fortunate to survive as well as find their house itself miraculously untouched, despite the fire tearing right through it. We look forward to seeing them in the Algarve again in November 2018 and then for the 2019 season.

We created a crowd funding site where the TTH family managed to raise over £4,000 to help them reset after the fires. We are so grateful to everyone who gave generously.

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Triathlon Kit List

Using our wealth of experience competing in, organising and coaching at triathlons, we have put together a comprehensive kit list of what you need to bring with you when you’re racing in a triathlon. You may find it useful to download, print and use this check list for your next race.

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How To Take a Mid-Season Break

Taking a mid-season break feels like the worst possible thing to do. However, given the length of most people’s season and for those competitive athletes looking to peak in both qualifiers as well as championship events, a mid season break may be just what is required to avoid a burnout, injury or illness.

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Are you prioritising Specific Training?

Training for a triathlon can seem somewhat straightforward: swim, bike, run, eat, repeat. Race with friends and if your legs are sore, then you have had a good work out; if your arms are sore, then you have had a good workout and as long as your segments or your efforts seem to be going in a positive direction, you are fitter than you have ever been before, right? However, does all that equate to a great race result? This article explores the art of specificity and how you can ensure your training is geared to the race you have signed up for.

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Why do I always need the toilet before a race?

Dr. Ollie Stoten, one of our excellent ultra distance running athletes and a polar explorer with a very keen medical mind turns his attention to that last hour before your race. Ollie offers a humorous, yet informative insight into your bodily functions in the last few minutes before you race; answering that all important question: "Why is the toilet queue so long before race start and why do I always need to go?"

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How to Plan for Race Week

As we near the race season with many people getting close to their A race, we provide a few reminders on what to focus on to ensure you have a great day out and limit race nerves. For the most part it is about being organised but remember, it isn't just organising yourself.

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Preparing to Suffer On Race Day

Racing a triathlon is tough. Yes, there are countless sayings: "winter miles, summer smiles", "train hard, race easy”, etc. etc. However, that isn’t really why we race, that describes why we train. We race for a variety of different reasons, some very personal to ourselves. This article helps you define what question you are asking yourself by racing and helps you get ready to answer it.

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Training Hard or Hardly Training?

In the triathlon world there is often kudos given for doing “more” training. It is thought to be hardcore to add an extra rep to your session, or if you do a little extra, than you have prepped yourself a bit better for your race. Social Training Apps reward big weeks or rank athletes based on miles completed or otherwise.

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Open Water Swim Session 1

Here is a quick set to consider doing before you next open water session – This is more than just trying to get as many loops done as you can!

The purpose of this session is to have awareness of different speeds while you are swimming. Throughout the whole session you will have to be sighting and you may even get the opportunity to settle into some drafting if you find another swimmer who is swimming at the right pace for you.

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Macro Nutrition Guidelines from Helen Money

Helen Money of The Bosworth Clinic has provided a great general rough guideline of what you should be eating and how much. This is a general guideline and as always, if you are unsure it is best to get the professional help of someone like Helen! Here we recommend you look at tracking what you are eating and reflect at the end of a week and see if there are areas you can improve. You can track using an app like myfitnesspal which links straight into your Training Peaks account! Nutrition is never a stationary goal post, it changes with the season and your training load or cycle. So it is always worth reviewing how you are doing with it. Read below to see where you sit and if you are unsure, chat with your coach to get more advice.

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How to Balance Training with a Busy Schedule. Athlete Profile: Hagai and Tevfik

Here we introduce Tevfik, who works in the financial services bouncing his time between London and Turkey while training for IRONMAN and Hagai who balances his family, working life in the city with training for long course and middle distance races. They have both been working with Tri Training Harder for a few years and are certainly fantastic characters. They kindly give us an insight to how they fit their training into a busy schedule. See what you can learn from these two:

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What is Fatigue?

Dr Ollie Stoten, ultra-marathon runner, Polar explorer and genuinely all round top bloke takes a closer look at what actually is Fatigue and highlights just how important being honest about our rest days really is. If you aren't too on!

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