News: Tri Training Harder announce New Partnership with Indurance for 2016 season

Tri Training Harder is excited to announce a brand new partnership for the 2016 season. Tri Training Harder will be working with InDurance to promote their healthy and balanced approach to multi-sport coaching.

InDurance blood profiling is the result of a team of world-class athletes, top medics, sports scientists and top-level coaches working together to develop a first of it’s kind service. By using simple self-administered and assisted blood sampling InDurance are able to bring health, wellness and athletic insights to members of the UK endurance sporting community that were formerly only available to very few elite sportsmen and sportswomen.

InDurance will interpret blood profiling data for each of the Tri Training Harder Race Team members and make specific recommendations. This information will enable the Tri Training Harder Coaching team to make more accurate choices about their training, rest and nutrition so they can safeguard hard-earned performance and fitness gains as well as minimise the risk of illness, injury, overtraining, fatigue and tiredness.

Measuring key biomarkers contained within blood samples provides valuable information on everything from vitamin balance to hormone levels, and from the state of immune system to oxygen carrying efficiency. InDurance blood profiling allows an athlete to track blood their own biomarkers to improve their performance and safeguard their health. The Tri Training Harder Race Team will be working with InDurance throughout the 2016 season in an effort to further solidify the Race Team’s position as one of the UK’s premier triathlon race teams while also promoting a healthy and balanced approach to top-end amateur triathlon racing.

Tri Training Harder Race Team Athlete, Danny Russell, training in the Algarve, Portugal.

Tri Training Harder are firm believers in pushing all possible frontiers when it comes to creating a performance environment for both their Race Team and coached athletes. The partnership of Tri Training Harder with InDurance, a company formed to allow athletes to manage to manage their health and wellbeing and optimise their ability to perform, is further evidence of this position.

Nick Pilling, Business Development Manager Tri Training Harder: “We are extremely excited to start working with InDurance. Using InDurance blood profiling will allow us to not only understand athletes we work with from an even more holistic viewpoint but it will also hopefully bring to light previously overlooked avenues for gains in performance. Given that the Tri Training Harder Race Team are all athletes with full time jobs and families, finding the balance between rest and recovery is extremely important. Blood profiling will allow our coaches to guide the Race Team a healthy and successful 2016 season.

Paul Pashley, Director and Co-Founder of InDurance: “InDurance brings objective data and insight to people who care about their health, fitness and performance that were only previously available to some top professionals. We are very pleased to be partnering with the Tri Training Harder team because of their commitment to excellence and their whole person approach towards gaining understanding of their athletes. We look forward to helping the Race Team achieve a healthy and successful 2016 season.

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