Introducing: The 2016 Tri Training Harder Race Team

The Tri Training Harder Race Team brings together a group of hard-working individuals who are all passionate about developing and realising their potential as athletes.

2016 will see a growth in the support that the Tri Training Harder Race Team receive with the introduction of a number of new and exciting partnerships. The Tri Training Harder Race Team can expect to have a top-end performance network built around their needs as working athletes. Understanding what the athletes want and need to perform at the highest level is what drives the growth of the Race Team network and 2016 is set to be the most successful year to date.

The Tri Training Harder Race Team, Coaches and the Bosworth Clinic in Portugal
for the Race Team launch in Vilamoura.

Sponsors for 2016

Bridgtown Cycles & - New for 2016

Bridgtown Cycles will be supplying the Tri Training Harder Race Team with all things cycle related for the 2016 season, including a top of the range Boardman TTE 9.8. Meanwhile, will be making sure all team members are comfortable, powerful and happy on their bikes.

Mike, Bridgtown Cycles, setting up the Race Team Boardman
Air TTE 9.8 in Vilamoura, Portugal

The Bosworth Clinic

The Tri Training Harder Race Team will further develop their integration with the highly qualified staff at the Bosworth Clinic during the 2016 season. Gordon Bosworth and the team at the Bosworth Clinic will be working closely with the Race Team coaches from Tri Training Harder to offer each individual a holistic and rounded approach to healthy triathlon racing at the very top end of the sport.

Paul, Gordon, Helen and Mark from the Bosworth Clinic in the Algarve, Portugal.
InDurance - New for 2016
InDurance blood profiling are a new partnership for  the Tri Training Harder
Race team in 2016.

InDurance will interpret blood profiling data for each of the Tri Training Harder Race Team members and make specific recommendations. This information will enable the Tri Training Harder Coaching team to make more accurate choices about their training, rest and nutrition so they can safeguard hard-earned performance and fitness gains as well as minimise the risk of illness, injury, overtraining, fatigue and tiredness. Read more about this new partnership here.

High 5 Nutrition

In 2016 the team will continue using HIGH5 sports nutrition during training and racing. With over 20 years experience, HIGH5 offer a complete product range using only the very best ingredients. Combining a practical no-nonsense approach, rigorous testing by scientists in the lab and feedback from world-class athletes competing in the world’s toughest events, guarantees that you can rely on HIGH5 products to help you optimise your performance and enjoy your sport more. For our athletes it’s also important to know that HIGH5 products do not contain ingredients from the list of WADA named banned substances. 

High5 nutrition will be keeping the Race Team
Athletes fuelled again in 2016

HIGH5 is our chosen nutrition partner and products are available at the Tri Training Harder camps in Portugal. Nutrition is the fourth discipline of triathlon and it makes a big difference on a week long training camp. Correct hydration is always key considering the great weather we have in Portugal all year round. ZERO is our go to drink in these conditions. With a high volume of training over several days, correct carbohydrate fuelling and optimum recovery will elevate your training benefits throughout the week. We’ve got staff on hand that will help you get your nutrition right during your stay.

Champion System

Champion System will continue to kit the Tri Training Harder Race Team out in top of the range racing and training clothing. Look out for that gold stripe on the standout red and white Tri Training Harder race kit throughout the 2016 season.

Race Team athlete, Dan Cobby, running in his Champion 
System run kit at the running track in the Algarve.

Huub Design

The Race Team will all be racing in top end Huub Archimedes II and Axena wetsuits throughout the 2016 season meaning that on exiting the water they can be sure they are racing in the fastest possible wetsuits.

The Tri Training Harder Race team wearing their Huub wetsuits
on the Team weekend: Portugal, Jan. 2016.

VeloChampion - New for 2016

VeloChampion will be supporting the Race Team with cycling accessories and training equipment for the 2016 season. 

Athlete Service

Athlete Service in Henley-Upon-Thames will continue to support the Race Team throughout the 2016 season, focussing on the running side of the sponsorship package.

For more information regarding any of the Tri Training Harder partners and the Race Team package that Tri Training Harder provide, please click here.

The Team for 2016

Working with athletes to achieve their full potential is a fundamental aspect of the Tri Training Harder coaching ethos and building on this the Tri Training Harder Race Team for 2016 sees only one new member join: Elaine Garvican. Full bios and video interviews for each of the Race Team athletes can be found below:

Jason Walkley
Dan Cobby
Elaine Garvican
Danny Russell