News: Tri Training Harder are growing

2016 is set to be a huge year for Tri Training Harder. 

Tri Training Harder are a UK based triathlon coaching company with a permanent winter training base in the Algarve, Portugal from January through to June. Tri Training Harder have been one of the fastest growing UK companies in the triathlon industry in recent years and 2016 is set to be their biggest year to date.

Placing value on a high Coach-to-Athlete ratio on their training holidays, Tri Training Harder have expanded their coaching staff in order to cater to the large number of guests set to join Tri Training Harder for a training holiday in 2016.

Coach Philip demonstrating drills at the track. Photo credit: David Pearce.

In due course, as a result of increasing the number of coaching staff, Tri Training Harder will be in a position to expand the number of athletes they are able to take on as part of their online coaching packages. 

In order to ensure that each and every coach is operating to a high standard, all coaches have undergone an intense two week training period in the Algarve, Portugal. The intense training period is designed to ensure that all coaches are well versed in the values, principles and practices that a Tri Training Harder coach should embody. This then means that all coaches will continue to develop the luxury, detailed approach to triathlon coaching that Tri Training Harder are known for. 

As part of their coach training, all coaches will be attending TrainingPeaks University 101 in February. This course is a special event that is being hosted at the Tri Training Harder training location in Vilamoura, Portugal. Attendance to this course will give all of our coaches a great opportunity to develop their coaching knowledge and experience, not least learning from the guest speaker at the event: triathlon coaching legend, Joe Friel. If you are an athlete or coach that uses the Training Peaks platform and you would like to attend the course then please register for the event here

Coach Alan preparing the coaches for their first open water swim (in January!) Photo credit: David Pearce.

In recent months and years Tri Training Harder have worked hard to develop their network of partnerships. Working with some of the most forward thinking minds in the industry, Tri Training Harder have developed an approach to online coaching that attracts athletes of all levels of ability and commitment. Placing a focus on balancing life commitments with training, Tri Training Harder coaches seek to understand the person they are coaching and work with them on a personal level as well as an athletic level.

Head Coach, Alan Ward“As a company that invests in it’s staff, Tri Training Harder are always seeking to find new avenues to allow our coaches to develop: be it through attendance to the Training Peaks University or facilitating new coaching challenges on our training holidays. A good coach is one that continues to build their experience, continually learning and adapting."

All of the new members of staff will be working from the Tri Training Harder training base in Vilamoura from January until June 2016 so if you have booked yourself a training holiday for this year then they look forward to offering you coaching advice and guiding you around the beautiful Algarve this winter. 

The 2016 Tri Training Harder holiday team. Photo credit: David Pearce.
The new coaches that have joined Tri Training Harder bring a wide variety of experience from both within coaching and outside of triathlon.

Sorrel Williams, Holiday Coach: "I jumped at the opportunity to join the Tri Training Harder Coaching team - I would be able to use my club coaching skills and put them to practice in a holiday setting.  Having been a holiday guest in the past, the location and facilities are as stunning as I remember and the first few weeks here have been filled with developing my coaching skills through presentations and seminars, learning cycle routes and etiquette, swimming in the sea and sharing knowledge with the other coaches to learn the ropes of running a week of coaching. It has been hard work but there has been nothing but miles of smiles so far....bring on the next 6 months!"

Find out more about the new members of staff in their bios on our website below: