Lynn & Scott's Guide to Training Holiday Nutrition - Part Four: Almond Tart

Last time we heard from Lynn and Scott they were working long days at their farm picking olives ready for 2016. I am pleased to report that they have now made it out the other side and are currently indulging in some well-earned rest and recovery – although there will definitely be no compression socks in sight!

Over to Lynn and Scott in the sunny Algarve…

Our olive pressing efforts for 2016 are complete and the stats are in:

9 days of picking

23 sacks of fresh olives adding up to 981.5kg

129.4 litres of the best olive oil in the world

We like nothing more than sharing our olive oil with others and the Tri Training Harder holiday camps are the perfect opportunity for us to spread the love! Our olive oil is used heavily in the cooking out in the Algarve and all reports have been very positive!

While the Tri Training Harder recipe book is on its way to the printers, ready for the lead up to Christmas, we are going to share one of our simple to cook sweet treats with you! Go on, treat yourself this weekend and give it a go! (It’s still the off-season isn’t it?!)

This Almond Tart was always a winner on the training holidays in 2015 and was the catalyst for the Tri Training Harder recipe book. There are only so many times you can write a recipe on the back of a napkin before you realise you need to take it to the next level! We are looking forward to the coming season and have a number of new tasty recipes to add to the menu and, as always, there will be great food in abundance on out in the Algarve in 2016.

This recipe comes from our neighbour’s sister Kitas.  Whenever we gather with our Portuguese ‘family’, it is on the top of the request list of things to bring.

100g sugar
150g flour
90g butter
2 eggs

Mix sugar and butter, then add eggs and flour.  Pour into large flan dish and bake @180˚C for 20 min.

100g almond pieces
100g sugar
150g butter
3Tbs milk

Melt butter in a pan then add sugar and dissolve.   Add milk and almond pieces, mix and pour the mixture over the cooked base ensuring it is covered evenly and return to the oven for 20 min @ 180˚C.  The topping should be light brown and starting to caramelise.  Serve hot or cold.

This image really does not do the almond tart justice,
however we couldn't wait long enough to get stuck in!!

This is a desert that will definitely not be left uneaten for long!

We are very confident that you’ll love this one so just get the ingredients and do it!

Until next time!

Lynn & Scott