Free Taster TRIplans

Are you on the look out for a new training plan for next season?

If you're starting your training for a triathlon of any distance, Sprint through to IRONMAN®, then look no further as our TRIplans are the best training plans around!

Watch the following video to see how our TRIplans work:

One size doesn't fit all when it comes to a training programme. Our instantly downloadable TRIplans are highly individual, based around the goals, ability and schedule of you - the athlete. Start training for your triathlon efficiently and effectively straight away by downloading one of our plans here.

Our TRIplans also offer unbeatable value at £1 per discipline, per week.

If you're tempted by a TRIplan but don't think you're quite ready to commit to purchasing a full plan then why not try one of our free Taster TRIplans.

Click here to download a free taster TRIplan.

We have Taster plans for all distance triathlons: sprint, olympic, half-ironman and ironman.

These Taster plans are all 2 weeks long and will allow you to get a good feel for how the TRIplans work and the level of detail that they go into. We are confident that you will be impressed!

With the base phase for many of our IRONMAN® training plans starting soon, now is the perfect time to download one of these taster plans and familiarise yourself with how they work.

In order to take advantage of these free TRIplans you will need to set yourself up with a free TrainingPeaks account.

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