5 ways to smash your first triathlon race

If you are worried about your first race, have a read below on how to ensure you smash your first triathlon race with our top tips!

Try and nail the finish line an enjoy the celebrations!

Try and nail the finish line an enjoy the celebrations!

1) Train for it!

Take it seriously, make sure you put consistent training together. This may be following a training plan, coaching or may be just on your own - but whatever it is make sure you train consistently from far enough out to build fitness. Give us a shout if you want help on making sure you are starting far enough in advance!

2) Stick to your plan

It’s very ways to get distracted in the final few days before a race as you see what other people are doing or are suggesting you do. Trust your plan and trust in those who have got you to where you are. It is very easy to get conflicting information which will make things more confusing. It is fairly simple: Swim, bike and run! Don;t try and overly complicate it.

3) Pace yourself

Whatever distance your are racing, it is very easy to get carried away in the first few minutes or km of the race. Don’t. Remember it is the first person to the finish line not the first to the swim exit or the dismount line!

4) Don’t try anything new on race day

It is said time and time again but it really is important. If you have new shoes, new kit, new nutrition, new tyres, new anything don’t use it for the first time in your race. Save new things for training and only work with tried and tested routines, items and nutrition on race morning

5) Arrive early

Everything takes longer on race morning. As soon as you put Lycra on, you can become prone to what is called race brain. This means simple things take a lot longer than you realise and somethings may take time standing in a queue! Give yourself a bit of slack and get there in good time to allow for traffic etc. and then you won’t be unnecessarily rushing!