Draft Legal Triathlon Training Holiday

AG draft Legal racing is here to stay. With this in mind we have put together a training holiday week that will give you all the experience you need to settle any nerves around draft-legal racing that you may have! At the end of the holiday week, all participants will have the option to enter the draft legal Quarteira AG triathlon to gain first hand experience of draft legal racing.

  • Location: Vilamoura, Portugal

  • 22nd-29th March 2018

  • Style of camp = Race Week

  • All inclusive at 5* The Residences at Victoria

  • Difficulty = All abilities

  • All inclusive packages from £849

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What does it take to be successful in a draft legal race?

  • Good self-awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses in each discipline and for the specific demands of the race

  • Good course knowledge

  • Good experience-based knowledge of how you react within a race

  • Control of Emotion and Ego

  • Good decision making under immense psychological and physiological pressure

  • Discipline specific skills in open water group swimming and the tactical dynamic to T1 and the start of the bike. Positioning being key.

  • Bunch riding skills and correct positioning

  • Transition skills are key to all of the above coming together

  • Discipline specific skills and fitness


All of this is highly improved with experience, being familiar with an environment can easily add 5% to all of the above simply because you have done it before. There is nothing like actually taking part to learn many, many lessons in just one day and one short race session. So what if you had the opportunity to go through a coached race experience? 

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For a few years now a small group or our holiday athletes, team athletes and indeed coaches as well as other holiday staff have enjoyed participating in the Draft Legal AG Race that runs as part of the ETU Cup race in Quarteira, right next door to where our holiday guests swim.

Apart from being great fun in the sun the race also offers an early season opportunity for athletes racing at one of the 2018 ITU World Qualifiers to gain some of that valuable racing experience and do so in a coach supported environment. Our coaches will be on hand to not only prepare you for the race but deliver a week that focusses around this event and racing itself.

2018 ITU World Qualifiers that you may have entered:

  • Eton Dorney Sprints 20th May 2018

  • Cardiff Triathlon Sprint 24th June

  • Redcar Sprint - 29th July

We spend a lot of time training but how do you race, how do you race well? Elements of this week could be beneficial to other distances so equally why not try something different as a preparation race and let's not forget that we're all doing this sport to have fun!! As is always the case on our holidays all athletes can choose how much or little they do and we will cater for this within the sessions, if you want to be a little fresher to race, great!, we can work with that or athletes can of course do a little more and train through the race.

A great chance to practice sprint distance. The race itself is a relatively simple affair and we will simply ride the short 15min commute to the race and complete simple racking before the fun commences. On the day we will staff around the race to make sure that bags, bottles and last minute issues don't impact on your race day and you can focus on the task at hand. 


The Race (Holiday) Week Schedule


  • Arrive - Welcome Brief Including overview of the race routes and brief on the logistics of the weekend.

  • S&C Session followed by easy evening ride to recon bike and run courses and race venue

Friday (Race Sharpening sessions)

  • Pool Session with feedback

  • Track Session focussed on skills and feedback for race day

  • Bike Skills session in the afternoon, including easy ride working on bunch skills

  • Evening O/W Swim at race venue


  • Transition skills and brick

  • Race strategy and execution presentation, including psychological performance and Q&A

  • Pool-Based swim session

  • Spectate Elite Race to help visualise race day. (Option to watch for short period and depart to save legs or to stay on - also weather (Heat) dependent)


  • Race Day!

  • Lunch on Beach Front

  • Recovery Long Ride into the hills in the afternoon (2-4hr)

  • BBQ


  • Easy AM Long Run

  • Open Water Swim

  • Race Feedback Session (an important delay of 24hrs for reflection)

  • Intro Loop Ride


  • Long Ride Day - Barranco Loops


  • Swim Session

  • Bike Intervals Ride

  • Brick Run