So it's dark outside, it's wet, you have already done your sessions for the day, what else could you possibly do to help you along with your training? Read! 

Reading can be a wonderful way to pick up some vicarious experience of other athletes and get a real perspective on what it takes to perform well. A role model can be a really useful influence on your motivation and also confidence. 

It can also lead to some greater technical understanding but this can be a minefield of information that can be misinterpreted when it comes to its specificity to you. A coach can be useful in this regard to help steer the ship through this dangerous sea of what at times can be misinformation which actually takes you down completely the wrong road for your progress. 

It doesn't have to simply be triathlon either, many things can be learnt from high performers in other sports or even outside of sport entirely. 

Below are a few of our coaches favourite books that they have found useful (or believe may be useful for athletes), interesting or just plain enjoyable to read. Note there is a difference between athlete and coach here. Of course, there is some crossover but with some athletes, less information and knowledge can be more. 


1. Chris McCormack - I'm Here to Win

2. Total Competition: Lessons in Strategy from Formula 1 (Ross Brawn)

3. The Happiness Trap (Russ Harris)


1. Hell and High Water (Sean Conway)

2. Iron War (Matt Fitzgerald)


1. Legacy (James Kerr)

2. Winning (Clive Woodward)

3. Flourish (Martin Seligman)


1. Essentialism - The Disciplined Pursuit of Less (Greg McKeown)

2. I'm OK, You're OK (Thomas Harris)


1. Land of Second Chances (Tim Lewis)

2. Can't Swim, Ride, Run (Andy Holgate)


1. The Champion Mindset (Joanna Zeiger)


If you have any books you would like to share with us, great! The more the merrier so please feel free to comment away with your own suggestions and share them with everybody as well! Feel free to add the hashtag below.


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