The Tri Training Harder Race Team introduces Jason Walkley: top performing AG triathlete

Jason Walkley

This is part of a series of articles introducing the members of the Tri Training Harder Race Team: number 4 in series of 6.

Age: 34

Main race:  70.3® World Championships, Zell am See

Main aim: Podium in AG at 70.3®  World Championships, Zell am See

Thoughts on the race team: 'I can already see that we have a closer knit team than in previous years after the recent trip to Portugal for the team weekend. We all have a fantastic connection together within the training/racing environment and also socially, I see this as the perfect combination to really show the world just what we are capable of as athletes. We will all be supporting and encouraging each with everything we do this season, it is sure to be a top year for the Tri Training Harder Race Team'.

What's in store for 2015:

Jason has a great season lined up having already qualified for the 70.3® World Championships in 2014 at Kronborg 70.3®.  He is looking incredibly strong at present and will represent the team at 70.3® Staffordshire and 70.3® UK, Wimbleball as well as representing GB at the ETU Long Distance Championships at Challenge Weymouth.

Main Results 2013-2014: 

- European Long Distance Duathlon Champs (GB AG) 5th place 30-34’s
- Vitruvian Middle Distance - 3rd 30-34 AG (4:19)
- Ironman Kronborg - 3rd 30-34 AG 22nd overall (4:22) (World Champs 2015 qualified)

- Ironman Nice 10:04 (2 crashes and a puncture)
- Ironman UK 9:54 (8th AG 21st Overall)


Jason currently works for Cobham Aviation (Heliservices) as a Weapons Technician, this involves working on Martin Baker Ejection Seats for the Hawk Aircraft and regularly works with the Red Arrows Display Team installing, removing and servicing their Ejection seats. Another role in his job is to maintain various rifles, hand guns and machine guns for the Royal Air Force Station that he works on.


Jason is a keen, hard working triathlete who currently works in the Royal Air Force as a Weapons Engineer on the Typhoon fast jet aircraft (what a cool job!).

He believes that he transfers his military background and discipline into triathlon in the way he trains and competes, being mentally strong is key in both worlds and he plans his training/season with great detail to ensure he is as fully prepared as he can be.
2006 was his first year in triathlon, after a work colleugue asked he if he fancied doing a sprint the following week. Of course the answer was yes and after borrowing a bike, trying his hand at front crawl for the first time and crawling around the run, he had completed his first triathlon and was immediately hooked!

Before joining the Tri Training Harder Race team, he competed for the GB AG Team at the World Long Course champs in 2008 and the European Long Course Champs in 2009, where he finished 7th & 6th place respectively.

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Also on twitter: @jasetheface69