Tri Training Harder reveal their race team for 2015...

Who are the sponsors?

This year Tri Training Harder have got some fantastic partners on board to support a race team with great potential for the 2015 season. Athlete Service, The Bosworth Clinic, Huub Design, Champion System and High5 are all joining as the team of sponsors, providing the athletes with a great range of products and services. Among other perks, the athletes will receive top of the range racing bikes through Athlete Service, top of the range wetsuits from Huub Design, racing kit from Champion System, the highest quality physiotherapy, nutrition and psychology treatment from The Bosworth Clinic and nutrition benefits from High5 whilst receiving the finest coaching from the Tri Training Harder coaching team and a base out in Portugal to train.

Where will we see them racing?

2015 will see a race team focussed mostly on middle and long distance events with a couple of the fastest Age Group athletes on the IRONMAN® and IRONMAN® 70.3 UK circuit donning the red, white and gold Tri Training Harder Race Team kit. You will see the athletes racing at IRONMAN® 70.3 Staffordshire, IRONMAN® UK, IRONMAN® 70.3 World Championships and IRONMAN® World Championships to name a few of the big races next year. (National representation in the British Super Series and ITU/ETU will also be on the cards). So now to revealing the Tri Training Harder race team athletes…

Who are the TEAM for 2015?

Katie Henderson
Dan Cobby

In very exciting news, the race team will feature the fastest Age Group athlete at IRONMAN® 70.3 2014, Katie Henderson and Dan Cobby, the fastest Age Group athlete at IRONMAN® UK 2014. These two exceptional athletes will be joining two of Tri Training Harder’s best athletes from the 2014 race team; Danny Russell and Jason Walkley, both of which have consistently qualified for National Representation over the past years and are racing at the very top end in IRONMAN® events.  In addition to this, Ross Macdonald will continue to be supported by Tri Training Harder as he continues to compete in triathlon and running events with the aim to qualify and podium at the IRONMAN® 70.3 World Championships 2015.

Danny Russell
Ross Macdonald

In a new twist on the race team, Oliver Stoten; a top British Ultra Marathon runner will represent and be supported as part of the Tri Training Harder Race Team for 2015 as he looks to race Spartathlon (246km), one of the toughest running races in the world.

The team looks set to turn some heads this year. To find out more about the team members individually click here!