Where History is made... London World Championships 2013

ITU World Triathlon Championships 

The Grand Final London 2013

 Where History is made

Just one year after the spectacular London Olympic Games Hyde Park is set to host the ITU Triathlon World Championships.  7,500 competitors will be racing the iconic Olympic race course from the 11- 15th of September with World Championship titles being awarded in Age Group and Elite categories every day.

As the days slip away, excitement across the world is building and those competitors who are good enough to have qualified will be getting ready to race, fitting in those last few days of well-chosen training sessions.  Here at Tri Training Harder the excitement is palpable as members of our Race Team, staff and coached athletes are preparing for what will be, for many, the biggest race of the year. For the rest of the Tri Training Harder team thoughts will be turned towards the World Triathlon Expo which we will have a presence at over the week from Tuesday.

With 50,000 spectators predicted things are going to be MAD all week and we cant wait!  We want you all to come and say hello.  Old friends are always welcome and we will always be thrilled to make new ones.  If you are part of our Facebook or Twitter community come and introduce yourselves as its always great to put a face to a name. 

Come and meet all the Tri Training Harder guys and girls at our Expo stand in the Marquee 

Tri Training Harder will be opposite the doors in the main Marquee (I know, Great spot!).  Pop over and pick up one of our new Tri Training Harder Training Holiday brochures, chat to one of our fantastic coaches or get your hands on some great triathlon related products, including the last minute things you might need for your race.

As well as our trusted High5 Products we will be selling:

- Huub race number belts
- Huub timing chip straps
- Brodie skin care Rehydration Cream and Swim rehydration cream
-Bodyglide anti-chafe balm
- Xtenex elastic laces
- Arm warmers
- Visors
- FINIS kit, including tempo trainers, sculling paddles, fulcrum paddles, fins, dryland cords,
- COMPRESSPORT: calf guards, calf socks, quad guards.

All you need to race and recover!

And last but not least…. Tri Training will be releasing its BRAND NEW CASUAL WEAR T-SHIRTS!   If you liked our Free Truly British competitors T-shirts you will love this novelty range.   

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Calling all supporters!

There is something for everyone at the World Champs and at the Tri Training Harder Expo stand we will have everything you need to make the perfect sign to wave as your triathlete races. It might be a bright red 'GO MUMMY' or a witty quip for one of your club mates to give them a boost when they are on their last leg of the race. Either way pop down and create a banner for the triathlete you are supporting!

Athletes to look out for:

We have  three members of our staff racing: Ed Brett, Chantal Cummings and Hannah Jonston as well as Race Team athletes Nick Beer and Jenny Latham. Many of our coaches have coached athletes who will be showing the world what they are made off next week too.  

Jenny Latham

Standard Distance World Championships
Age Group: 25-29
Qualified at: Deva
Strengths: Run
Form: Jenny has been on fantastic form all season, although she wouldn't tell you that herself. She is an incredibly modest athlete, but has been improving all season. We think there is much more to come from Jenny next year.

Nick Beer (GBR)

Standard Distance World Championships
Age Group: 25-29
Qualified at: Deva
Strengths: A good all-rounder, however will probably be in the front swim pack.
Form: Fantastic form. Nick destroyed the field at
Deva earlier this year, and is expected to podium
at the World Championships.

Ed Brett (GBR)

Ironman World Championships
Age Group:18-24
Qualified at: Ironman South Africa
Strengths: Bike. Ed is a great long distance time trialist, clocking a 5.08 round the course in South Africa.
Form: Ed peaks for races and all other weeks of the year are considered the off season which makes it difficult for us to assess his form. However he has always pulled it out of the bag when he needs to. There is no doubt he will be on the form of his life by October.

Chantal Cummings (GBR)

Standard Distance World Championships
Age Group: 18-24
Qualified at: Auckland, NZ
Strengths: Swim/bike, but her winning card will be her incredible mental strength
Form: Hard to tell, as injury has prevented Chantal from showing her true potential this season. She is currently completely injury free however so watch this space in London!

Hannah Johnston (GBR)

Sprint Distance World Championships
Age Group: 18-24
Qualified at: Bristol
Strengths: Undoubtably the swim. Hannah is an ex-national swimmer
Form: Fantastic form. She came 4th in the Europeans this year, and is currently British National

Nikki Dorey (IRE)

Standard Distance World Championships
Age Group: 25-29
Qualified at: Irish National Series
Strengths: Run
Form: Brilliant form. She was plagued with injury earlier this season, but has overcome it and is pulling out some super fast times. She will be hunting down the opposition on the run leg

Adelle Isaacs (GBR)

Sprint Distance World Championships
Age Group: 25-29
Qualified at: Bristol
Strengths: A good all-rounder
Form: Hard to say! Adelle completed Ironman Mont Tremblant 2 weeks ago and this will have taken a toll on the legs and potentially reduced her top end speed slightly. Adelle is one tough cookie though and there is no doubt that she put up a strong fight

Danny Isaacs (GBR)

Sprint Distance World Championships
Age Group: 25-29
Qualified at: Bristol
Strengths: Bike/run.
Form: Great form, but completed Ironman Mont Tremblant 2 weeks ago with older sister Adelle, so this may have an affect on his performance but we won't be able to tell until the day.

Julia James (GBR)

Sprint Distance World Championships
Age Group: 40-44
Qualified at: Dambuster
Strengths: Swim
Form: Fantastic form. Julia came second (by 2 seconds!) at the Europeans earlier in the year and is set to do some damage here in London

Dean Ratcliffe (GBR)Standard Distance World Championships

Age Group: 45-49
Qualified at: Aukland, NZ
Strengths: A monster on the bike, especially on a flat course so London will suit him
Form: Great form. He is an experienced athlete at World and European Championships too which will play to his advantage

Emma Woolf (GBR)

Standard Distance World Championships
Age Group: 35-39
Qualified at: Deva
Strengths: Keeping up the pace on the bike, but she is also a strong runner and swimmer
Form: Always on form but has had a difficult season, so we will have to see on the day!