ITU World Championships London

The swim start for the ITU London World Championships 2013
Exactly one year after the Olympic Games were held in London the iconic triathlon race course was again open. London's busiest roads were closed and athletes from all over the world flew in to compete in Hyde park.  With an Aquathlon, an 'open race', an Age Group sprint and Olympic distance triathlon and the Elite races, the excitement in central London grew to fever pitch.

All of us here at Tri Training Harder had been looking forward to London and busily preparing.  Many of our race team athletes and coached athletes were racing, as were Chantal Cummings, Ed Brett and Hannah Johnston.

As well as prepping for the race, Chantal had organised the Tri Training Harder Expo stand which stood in pride of place in the indoor expo area.  Our aim was to meet new people and tell them about our company but we also wanted to provide a central point for all our athletes to congregate. The highlight for all of us on the stand was seeing old friends again and hearing how the race season had gone for people who came on training holidays with us this year. 

Before opening on day three at the Tri Training Harder expo stand
Every day was manic! 
To keep the kids (and Rosanna) entertained we had a "make your own banner" stand which was great fun!
Go Daddy Go
From future GB triathletes! 
The Tri Training Harder Expo stand sold last minute race items that our coaches and athletes use and endorse. Race bottles, High5 nutrition and body glide flew off the shelves.  However what caused the most excitement was our new range of novelty t-shirts created by Fiona.

With four designs in multiple colours, our casual wear t-shirt collection featured a range of slogans and jokes that we all decided on as triathletes, for triathletes. Athletes cupboards are full of finishers t-shirts and lycra but we wanted to provide a cool, casual t-shirt for when athletes are not training. It was such fun to see them being worn around Hyde park as the week progressed.  Although we sold out of several sizes early on and had to reorder, we have a few T-shirts left and are selling these on our online shop.

It was fantastic to see so many of the Free Tri GB T-shirts we gave away being warn around London

Give us a flash of your TTH Tri GB t-shirt!
Laura and Chantal modelling our t-shirts beautifully 
Spotted - one of our t-shirts out for a run!
We want to say a huge congratulations to all of our athletes who raced. We are so proud of you!

Race Team athlete Jenny Latham did herself proud winning a silver medal in her age group with a time of 1:59:55.  We all cheered as Jenny took the podium at the spectacular Trafalgar square award ceremony, not only had she done a great time but she had been racing (not advisable) with an injury which would have slowed most people down dramatically!

Silver Meddle winner, Race team athlete Jenny Latham
Race team athlete Nick Beer who raced the Olympic distance triathlon put in a great performance as his fine form whizzed around the course in 1:52:03.

Race Team athlete Nick Beer
Ed Brett raced the Olympic distance and complained of having "no speed" (probably not surprising as his training has been focused on long distance for his up coming Kona race) but despite his excuses his time was an acceptable 2:02:00.

Ed on the beautiful P5
Chantal Cummings, after a tough race season battling injury approached this, her "A" race with as much gusto as she does everything.  Coming 10th in her Age Group Chantal did a super job. Her latest blog chronicles her thoughts on a tough race season and has some good tips for those feeling the same.

Chantal - snazzy cornering! 
The latest addition to the Tri Training Harder office team, Hannah Johnston went on to come 6th in her age group in the sprint distance triathlon.  Hannah came out the water first and can boast being the fastest woman in the swim!

Emma Woolf (coached by Ed) pulled a strong performance out the bag, making impressive improvements on her times at qualifying events with the time of 2:08:20, 12th in her Age category.

Nikki Dorey (coached by Fiona) raced for Ireland and brought with her an impressive support team! Despite battling nerves before the start  she flew round the course (Pun intended as she is a pilot!). Having coached Nikki since she came on a training holiday with us, it was great spending time with her and cutting shapes on the dance floor at the after party.

Nicky racing for Ireland
Julia James (coached by Chantal) put in a sterling performance in the sprint distance event on Friday taking 9th place in her age-category in a time of 1:17:10.

Team Isaacs! Adelle and Daniel (coach by Fiona) got cracking times and made an impressive brother sister combo on the race course! We were particularly thrilled with Adelle's performance getting 1:21:36 despite loosing her cycling shoe and doing the bike leg bare foot! Her top tip for racing "Go back and find your shoe!"

Hannah, Adelle, Danny pre race
Dean Ratcliffe (coached by Phil) spent his pre race time promoting the opening of his new triathlon club Medway Tri rather than resting! But both him and the lovely Andri de Wit (who raced in the sprint) got good times and did Tri Training Harder and Medway Tri proud.

Laura Fidler (racing age group olympic) and the lovely Davey (racing the open race) played host to a house of triathletes on the build up to there race.  Turbos going at all hours of the day and night, huge appetites and endless kit around.... living the dream! Laura raced hard and although she saw room for improvement her fight against shingles and its aftermath of fatigue makes her time of 2:13:00 ruddy good! Well done Laura!

Laura ready to race
Ellen Ann Finnighan Mackenzie (soon to be coached by Ed) is always such a pleasure to be around and her visits to the Expo both pre and post race were brilliant.  Although causing disappointment by not riding with her customary flower in her helmet Ellen Ann had a good race and pipped her nemesis to the finish and coming 23rd in her age category!

Highlights of the week:  

Iconic photo of Shirin Gerami, the first woman to represent Iran in triathlon
Shirin Gerami became the first female triathlete to compete for Iran. Tri Training Harder was thrilled for her and over whelmed by her achievement. An old friend of many of our staff and a long time coached athlete of Tri Training Harder as part of Durham University Triathlon Club, Shirin raced on Sunday morning for her age group and got the biggest cheers of anyone in her race. We were so proud to see her race for her country and are pleased to see Iran opening the doors for woman in sport.

Shirin is an old friend and we are so proud of what she has achieved

We want to say a huge well done to Chris Goodwin who won Gold racing the Tri6a (mens) category.
Chris is a blind athlete and was guided by former pro Ben Howard.  Ben is an old friend of Tri Training Harder's having been based with us in Portugal during his career as a triathlete. Watching Chris and Ben whizz around the race course on wet slippery roads was breath taking and Chris's time of 1:07:53 deserves huge respect.

Chris Goodwin, winner of Tri6a Paratriathlon category guided by TTH's Ben Howard. 

For the staff, coaches, race team and former training holiday visitors of Tri Training Harder, one of our most celebrated visitors was the one and only Tim Butt.  Tim, camp manager and epic cyclist, has not been on the scene for a while due to health issues and seeing him looking so well was awesome! Tim had just got back from cycling in Wales- it was great to hear he is back on his bike!

Tim Butt visiting the stand
And last but not least it was pretty epic being on site for the Elite men's race. Although watching Alistair Brownlee loose his tittle on the very race course he made his name on one year ago was heart breaking, it was some race to watch. Philip rather enjoyed chatting to Alistair about his annoyance with brother Jonny for not winning later on at the after party! Philip will be talking about that one for weeks to come!

The moment the Brownlee Brothers lost 

All in all a week to be remembered.  It was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces and making so many new friends.

Gail, Ben and Ollie - Old friends visiting us on the stand with an unknown bear

Well done to everyone who raced and to London for another great event despite slippery roads and freezing temperatures!