2017 Race Update 3

Completing a triathlon is anything but simple. So many moving parts to manage, from training to nutrition and from clothing to rest. All of this is before you even take to the start line of a race and open yourself up to the complexities and intricacies of triathlon racing. The key thing to remember through all of this though is that triathlon is a hobby and must be put into perspective from time-to-time. So with this in mind let's turn to the amazing results we have seen from some of our athletes over the past few weekends and bear in mind the hard work that has gone into each and every one of these performances.


Catriona battled a tough year at a personal level and was thrilled to be at the start line of IRONMAN Austria, let alone race round in a time just a breath over 14 hours! 

This was a huge personal best for Cat and over 2 hours off her time! Philip, her coach, was thrilled by her result saying “we had to have a very open and honest conversation in May to discuss how to tackle Austria. Cat overturned her doubts and fears and really did conquer this IRONMAN distance race. You can tell this meant the world to her!

Here's to her next challenge!

Our competition winner Paul Hayward also took to the start line at IRONMAN Austria in his A race of the season - you can catch up with the buildup to Paul's race and the journey he has gone through by reading his blogs. He has also kindly

written a race review

for us!

Coached athletes Tim Matthews and Laura Shulman also toed the startline at IRONMAN Austria and got through to the red carpet to the wonderful sound of those four words.


Emma Wardall finished in 4th place in her age group after a blistering marathon of 3:31 at IRONMAN UK. Emma chased down from the start of the marathon, but was just unable to get onto the podium for this year. The improvements she has made since last year are very apparent as she crossed the line as 13th lady and one of the top 8 amateurs in Bolton.

Phil Lester was unable to re-qualify for Kona this year after a puncture, wheel damage and then brake issues had him sat on the side of the road shivering for almost 30 mins. He is now more determined than ever to make it to the Big Island and has set his sights on qualifying at IRONMAN Wales in September. Watch this space!

Holiday Guest Piers Completed his second IRONMAN in Bolton this weekend smiling his whole way round the course rocking it in the red TTH kit. Well done Piers!

Kurt Winship was also racing this weekend in a local triathlon where he improved on his performance from last year. Kurt progressed up the field from the top 50% last year to the top 25% this year in his preparation for IRONMAN Copenhagen in a few weeks. We wish him well in the final few weeks of preparation!

Ben Wakeling, Coached by Rhiannon, was 5th in his age group and an impressive 19th overall at the Weymouth Middle Distance Triathlon with a time of 5:06.16. Ben is now entering the final stages of his preparation for IRONMAN Wales in 8 weeks time.

Coached athlete Belinda Vohra completed the Etape de Tour on Sunday with thousands of other cyclists, battling her way over the top of multiple brutal alpine climbs, including the Col de L'Izoard.