Race Update - Week 2 - The Results Keep Coming!

We had another busy week of racing among Tri Training Harder athletes with some impressive performances to boot! It's great to see the range of athletes we have competing on a weekly basis from complete beginners, all the way through to world class performances across all different distances. The results below speak for themselves and we're still only at the beginning of the season!

Apolline Vandenbrouke raced at the Mimizan Standard Distance event in France on Sunday. She completed the event in 3 hours 13 minutes in her first triathlon at this distance (having only raced her first sprint distance triathlon the weekend before!). She really enjoyed the day and far exceeded her own expectations in all three disciplines. 

Colin Childes also took to the startline at the Mimizan and finished 21st in his AG.

Apolline Crossing the finish

line with spirits high!

Belinda Vohra raced at Blenheim Sprint Triathlon on Saturday. Despite taking part in the three day Tour of Wessex cycling event the weekend before and suffering from illness, Belinda battled on through and finished in 1:59:06. Next up for Belinda is the Dragon Ride Sportive in Wales this coming Sunday.

A phenomenal result from Chris Ashford at the Comrades Marathon. We have be talking a bit about Chris after his

7th place in the British Ultra Champs

and his marathon performances at

Boston and Manchester


This weekend Chris was racing his A Race of the season at Comrades. This 87km uphill race is world famous in the ultra calendar and is a truly brutal conquest. His time of 6:17 (25mins faster than the downhill one the year) placed him both overall (26th AG) and the 2nd British Athlete home. Furthermore his average pace for the “hill rep” was 4:21/km or sub 7min miles! We look forward to the Chester Marathon champs in October.

Some more medals for Chris!

Kurt Winship joins us back on the racing scene at The Henley Triathlon after he was medically taken out of IRONMAN Florida last year. He demonstrated that everything was back on track as he continues his quest of becoming an IRONMAN at Copenhagen later this summer.

We had a couple of athletes racing at the Deva Standard distance. Vix Randall came 4th in her age group qualifying for ITU standard Rotterdam 2017 with 2:25:46, finally getting her transitions more inline with the rest of her competitors. It wasn't entered as a serious attempt to qualify as it isn't the ideal course for her, so this was more of a getting back into this season of triathlon but that's another race under the belt - now on to the Europeans in Kitzbuhel!

All smiles at Deva!

James Briscoe took an impressive placing of 25th Overall at Deva, finishing 7th in his AG!

Karl White also raced at Deva and continued his ‘comeback’ completing a successful standard distance triathlon proving that

physio exercises really do make a difference


Mark Finlay took to the startline at the Northumberland Standard, finishing 42nd Overall and 14th in his AG.

Coached athlete Andy Cowen took part in the Cotswold 113 Half Ironman race, his first at this distance, and completed it in 5:02:17. A pleasing performance all round and it is fantastic to see that Andy is making great progress towards his first Ironman in August (Copenhagen).

Finally we have Steve Clarke who finished 4th Overall at the EMW Tri-Challenge Sprint, another race under the belt on the way to bigger events over the next few weeks!

Well done tom everyone who raced this past weekend and best of luck for all those racing in the weeks coming up!