Trial a cycling power meter on your next training holiday with #MyPower

Are you yet to take the plunge and buy a cycling power meter? Or have you purchased a power meter only to be disappointed with the reliability of your device?

Unless you have been hidden away for the past few years, you will be aware of the importance of training with a power meter on the bike. On the back of this rise in popularity of power and data, there is a rush to supply all sorts of products to the market, each one with it's own claim to fame.


, the company behind the acclaimed Infocrank power meter, have conducted a huge amount of market research on what cyclists and triathletes look for in a power meter. 

Now, in partnership with Tri Training Harder, Verve Cycling is making it possible for a select number of Tri Training Harder training holiday attendees to join the successful #MyPower plan.

The #MyPower plan will give you the opportunity to try an Infocrank power meter in the run up to and during your training holiday.

For successful applicants, the #MyPower plan will consist of:

  • An InfoCrank Set suitable for your bike will be given to you for up to 2 months before you training camp.
  • You can buy it at any time or return it at the end of the camp (with no strings attached)
  • Verve & TTH will give you suitable training and guidance on how to use the power meter and get the most out of your training camp.
  • Verve Cycling & TTH will give you specific camp related training zones and drills whilst at the camp
  • Verve will have the InfoCrank sent to your local bike shop to be professionally installed
  • Verve cycling & TTH will be on hand to answer any questions along the way.

What do you have to do?

All you have to do is write a short email to

explaining the following:

  • Why you would like to ride with true and precise power numbers?
  • What cycling goals do you have in 2017 and 2018?
  • How would you gauge your understanding of power devices? Have you or do you currently ride with a power meter? Are you currently coached by TTH or do you have another setup?
  • Reference TTHMyPowerHoliday in the title of your email

All applications will be read and considered. Verve will correspond with all applicants, successful or not. You must send your application no less than two months before the start date of your holiday.

Apply today and change the outcome for your 2017 cycling year and beyond. Achieve your dreams on the bike with true and precise power.

We look forward to seeing you in Portugal later in the year!

Tri Training Harder