Stryd's New Foot Pod

About a year ago, after the IRONMAN World Championships, we wrote an article about Stryd: a new brand that measures power during run sessions with a power meter. (You can read it


). It gets a little bit geeky...!

The new footpod

After a further year of data collection, and a prolonged period of analysis, Stryd have developed an update. Now you can use their foot pod - that clips onto any shoe - in conjunction with a Garmin TRI Heart Rate strap. And this links into your Garmin App for those of you who are Garmin users.  

Stryd will now work with your Garmin

Why are we mentioning this here? Well…watch this space as Stryd could be coming to the Tri Training Harder Holidays in 2017! A huge amount of data being added to on a daily basis, and as a result there are regularly breakthrough findings made with regards how we understand running and how we can go about quantifying improvements. Power for running has arrived and it is starting to become a very valuable tool.

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