Back to Racing in the UK: IRONMAN Staffordshire 2016

It is that time of year when the focus very much turns towards competition and all of our athletes - and indeed coaches - are chomping at the bit to get to the fun part. A little piece is written below to encourage you to remember to enjoy the race, after all it may even enhance your performance.

Triathletes are heading into the competition period of their season and it is all too easy to become preoccupied with racing and training. The smallest things can become the biggest problem. We have all seen the super-serious athlete who is so stressed out that they often forget the smallest of manners. Have perspective in these situations; take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture in life. It’s not the end of the world if your kit isn’t up to the highest standard, your old injury has started niggling again or if your race preparation hasn’t been up to your expectations. Come race day, you’ll have your family, friends and supporters cheering you on and you will never know how proud you will make them. Racing with a smile will inspire others; hold your head high and be grateful you are able to complete your race with your loved ones around you.

We would like to take time this weekend going back to Staffs to remember our Race Team mate Katie Henderson and also to celebrate the achievements of the charity setup in her memory. If there is one huge lesson that our team and athletes took out of the incidents of June 2015, it is perspective.

Unfortunately, no Race Team athletes will be competing this weekend at Staffs, however, due to the change in kit for this season Katie will be at every race with the team for every stroke, pedal and step of their racing.

The pink stripe of the Race Team kit in memory of Katie Henderson

A tribute to Katie, and more information about the TTH Race Team kit pink stripe significance, can be found in this short clip:

We all have dreams, ambitions and goals. Some of us will fulfil them, some will not. As you step up to the start line, race hard, but race fair. Win without boasting, lose without excuses. Most of all relax and enjoy the race; be mindful of your surroundings, soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the company of your rivals.

You will likely race better with this positive mindset and have more fun, a win-win situation. Get out there and try your best with what you have on the day, not what you wished you have or should have had, what you do have accept it, own it, enjoy it and kick some ass.

It only leaves us to conclude and wish good luck to the athletes we have with worked with this year including coached athletes: Stephanie Wilde, Phil Earl (get well soon!) and George Towersey. Not forgetting our long list of holiday guests competing tomorrow: Jean Gillespie, Trevor Gillespie, Rick Bristow, Amy Lilley, Andrea Bachand, Nick Parris, Julian Lobley, Mhairi Cooper, Carol Matthews, Stuart Matthews, Fiona Clark, Stephen Clark, Mark Hudson, Tom Moon, Jamie Watson, Shirin Gerami, Ade Grimmond and Laura Fidler (our Physio during the 2015 season).

Also, we wish the best of luck to athletes following our TRIplans: Marcus Cox and Shaun Steele. Finally, representing the TTH staff tomorrow is our current Physio Sharon Simpson and Guide Matt Smith. Good luck to you all!