Having a Ball in Bath

Have a Ball in Bath

Tri Training Harder have proudly partnered with the Inaugural Invinci-Ball in the torch lit Roman Baths, Bath on the 21st November of this year. 

The Invinci-Ball was proudly set up by two friends who are heavily involved in community and charity projects as a fundraising event for two incredibly worthwhile charities:

Help For Heroes

Seek to achieve a national network of support for our wounded servicemen and women and their families. For many of those returning home from combat injured, their suffering post service is about to begin. Help For Heroes offers them much needed hope and facilitates the opportunity to continue to achieve extraordinary accomplishments they may never have believed possible before.

Mentoring Plus

Is a Bath based charity which supports the vulnerable youths between the ages of 8-21 in the region. Professional caseworkers are able to access a network of mentors in the area who each work with one of these people. Mentoring Plus aides the training and support of these mentors ensuring that both they and the vulnerable young people have the very best opportunity to succeed.

Philip Hatzis, Partner Tri Training Harder:

"Having had a very brief and somewhat sheltered experience of the military yet finding myself with many good and close friends in the Armed Forces, I cannot help but feel a sense of duty to do what we can to support them. Learning more about the Mentoring Plus scheme, I see a very close link between mentoring and coaching and I truly believe that as a professional coaching establishment, we should take every chance we can to give back in a meaningful way to the coaches of tomorrow."

Tri Training Harder are offering a free training holiday for one of their winners with additional group options for any of the winner's friends. This will be part of the fundraising evening going on throughout the evening. Martin Roberts will be one of the more recognised names (

BBC's Homes under the Hammer

) at the event and he will be auctioning off the prizes throughout the evening. Throughout the night there will be many other fundraising events as well as dancing and other entertainment in the beautiful Pump Rooms. 

Jemma Bartholomew, Key Organiser:

"This is a HUGELY exciting prize, especially as many of the people attending the Invinci-Ball are keen cyclists and some already do triathlons. I am confident that we will get a bidding war and generate a healthy amount of money for Help for Heroes and Mentoring Plus."

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