12 Days of Christmas Swim Set!


TTH Christmas Swimming Set

On the night* before Christmas, all through the venue,

Triathletes were stirring, with not a clue,

Swim kits were hung, by the door with due care,

In the hope that the Christmas swim would soon be there.

For Tri Training Harder had prepared a surprise,

A swim set for Christmas without the mince pies,

Alarm bells are ringing, without further ado,

The Christmas set’s time, for a debut!

*more or less

12 Sets of Christmas

On the first rep of Christmas, my True Love* gave to me:

12 Lengths of warm up,

11 Leg throw-downs

10 Lengths of fins and paddles

9 Lengths of sculling

8 Single Arms

7 Strokes per breath

6 Tumble Turns

5 Gold sprints

4 Mins of kicking

3 Butterflies

2 Breasts strokes

and a pair of Medley

*Not technically true...

In normal Jargon:

All with Christmas spirit length recovery – as much time as the group/you needs…

300m warm up, mixed stroke

10x25m with 11 leg throw-downs on the block/side of the pool, underwater dolphin kick for as far as you can go, get out and walk the recovery back to the blocks/side

250m paddles and fins

225m alternating F/C, sculling (Front, beneath shoulder, left side, right side)

200m Single arm (alternating left and right) with fins

100m breathing every 7th stroke

175m of fast turns (in from and back to the flags)

5x25m best effort sprints

4 mins of vertical thinking (hands above the water surface – streamline if possible)

3x25m Fly best effort,

2x25m Old English breast stroke

200m Medley, as a pair, one doing arms, one doing legs, swap for the second half of each stroke: eg fly arms, fly legs, back arms, back legs etc) (If you have a swimming partner)

Merry Christmas everyone!