Tri Training Harder athletes’ European bike box trip to Denmark…Kronborg 70.3!

This event was sold to us all as a triathlon when in actual fact it turned out to be the final stop on the European Bike Box Pushing Tour. Gatwick, Copenhagen and Helsingor were all deafened by the roar of our noble steeds rumbling through their streets and I still haven't made the t-shirt I have wanted for travelling in for years, the 'its a bike' slogan t-shirt.

Group photo the day before race day at the finish line. Right to left: Alan Ward, Ross Macdonald, Chantal Cummings, Jason Walkley and Harry Eaton.
What follows is not quite your conventional race report but we thought this would put a smile on most people’s faces. Let me set the context…a group of athletes; 4 male and 1 female, a bike box dragging/pushing mission, Rasmus Henning, jellyfish, diving, winding up, cheeky bottom tapping, getting chicked, World Champs slots and after event activities (plus lots of complaining!): last race of the season.

Right to left: Chantal, Rasmus Henning, Alan and Harry. Supporting Huub wherever we go!

Darth Vadar (aka Jason) and Chantal take an evening spin to register.
Jason struggled on this ride to register having just completed what he stated to be the secret addition to the Commando Tests. He pitied the fool who thought a bergen rucksack was heavy having just completed a 1mile train station to apartment mission pulling a 25kg bike box full of high five bars and pasta, with a rucksack strapped to his chest and a large holdall of luggage strapped to his back. Sweattastic!

Darth Vadar (a.k.a Jason) was most displeased when he realised Princess Leia had munched all his High 5 Bars ;)

Darth calmed down a bit took his helmet off and was especially cheerful once he had sorted out his race nutrition plan. The pizza even came with a free bag of green stuff for the salad dodging dark lord. Never have the local supermarket staff been so harassed by gaunt looking, bike box wielding athletes desperate for pasta.

Once the admin side of things were sorted including registration, food purchasing and bike building it was time for a dip in the literally Baltic (Kattegat) Sea. Eventually the boys finished whining and taking FOREVER to get ready and it was off to the sea. It was bit chilly but nothing unusual, however that was only half the adventure!

On the way to swim practice - Yes we did get some odd looks from the locals!
The boys pre swim practice and taking an age to get ready (again). Chantal entered first and having found herself ankle deep in Jellyfish, in the words of the boys 'she came out squealing like a 5 year old girl' (Boys edit - This is a massive understatement - the hearing of Helsingor will never be the same!)
As some of you may be aware Chantal not only has an affinity with jelly fish but also has a distinct affection for the snakes and dogs of Portugal. There has been a social media rumour that David Attenborough is suddenly concerned for his position as the voice of wildlife. 

Harry bravely emerges from the treacherous waters a JellyFish hero!
The race itself went really well with all the athletes coming in to finish in close proximity. All the boys were massively relieved to have not been 'chicked'. Ross and Jason even said a little thank you as they unlapped themselves during the race.

Ross and Jason chasing down Chantal
Plotting thank you tactics! #bottomtap
A sample of Danish humour, some of these on the Run course would have been quite entertaining and without mentioning names... quite useful! 
The whole team just after the race.
Two 3rds and a 2nd place

Jason was particularly pleased to be in the Zell am See 2015 World Championship slot queue, he was joined by Harry and Alan in taking up a slot for next year.

Trophies all round for TTH!
Strictly following the post race plan all the athletes headed to Copenhagen to take part in a new found cryotherapy treatment provided by the Canal Tour boats, apparently it is said to boost your recovery by 33.3%. However if you imagine a rusty old robot pushing a bike box you will have some idea of how well this new recovery method works. Once again Copenhagen provided further challenges in the bike box tour with busy streets, cobbled pavements and various other street furniture to dodge. 

Jason and Alan huddling together for warmth on the 'Canal Tour'

Back to being able to eat whatever we pasta in sight!!
A much needed pit-stop on the Copenhagen by foot adventure. Why use public transport when you can walk like a robot to entertain the Danish people!

#thehappywall in Copenhagen

Harry diving in for another sugar high

In the end the tips from this trip are;

  • Get a leash for your bike box they are wild and uncontrollable when off it. Think bicycle lock looped through circular hole to pull it along.
  • The Danish are not only a good looking nation, they are also particularly friendly and up for a joke.
  • Kronborg was a great race course for spectators and athletes in a relaxed, scenic location. 
  • Even the most serious of athletes need to take a break from the 'right' nutrition.
  • Taking a post race break to see the sights is all part of the fun and comes highly recommended.
  • Don't forget to have fun!