Instant, Bespoke, Independence: The TRIplan

For those of you who are tired of the generic training plan which you reluctantly tear out of a magazine or, the plan you buy online which tells you ‘how to complete a Triathlon’, Tri Training Harder is here to save your season. Our bespoke TRIplans© are here to give you what you really want…

TRIplans© can be downloaded in a matter of minutes.

At Tri Training Harder we know that one size does not fit all and we have spent months perfecting one of the largest databases of triathlon training plans in the world that can be downloaded instantly, tailored to both the athlete’s ability and lifestyle as well as ambitions.

The TRIplans have been produced with the aim of making high quality plans (close to those that a personal coach would create for an athlete) accessible and affordable for the wider population from beginner to Pro.

One size does not fit all. Your TRIplan© will be unique to you.

Unlike other generic plans, Tri Training Harder has taken into account ability in each individual discipline and time available per discipline per week. As a result, athletes are able to train with absolute confidence that they are training the correct systems in the body at the appropriate time, at the right volume and at the precise level of intensity for their ability.

The Phases

The TRIplans are broken into the three training phases; the Base phase, the Build phase and the Competition phase which are available to download separately.

Length of TRIplans

TRIplans range from 12 weeks (Sprint) to 32 weeks (Long Course) and start on any date that the athlete chooses.

The bigger picture

All swim, bike and run TRIplans merge seamlessly together (no matter which combination of sessions and ability level are chosen) so that the hard training days are not too hard, and that there are always enough rest days.

Flexible and Adaptable

TRIplans are purchased through Training Peaks, letting the athlete drag and drop individual sessions around as they wish whilst also being able to upload and analyse their Garmin data as well as receive daily session notifications to their phone. Tri Training Harder would recommend the free Training Peaks app, suitable for iPhone, Android and Windows as a good way for athletes to keep on top of their training and weekly schedule.

Consultations with a Tri Training Harder coach

Need advice on testing, goal setting or season planning for your TRIplan? Our highly qualified coaches are here to help. We can even analyse your data, and give you feedback on how your training is going if you give us permission. Our consultations are available upon request - just drop us an email ( and we will arrange a mutual time to talk over the phone or Skype. A great way of ensuring that you are on track without paying for a full time coach. (Price: £80/hour

To find out more and to buy a bespoke TRIplans for your event click here.

At last, a training program that is perfectly tailored for you….

Tri Training Harder: Believe. Strive. Achieve.