Fiona's first World Championships - a photo blog!

Dear all,

To save you wading through reams of endless waffle as I try to channel my chaotic thoughts into orderly sentences in the lead up to this nerve-wracking event I am going to try and share my feelings through the medium of photographs!

1. One of my final brick sessions before the race in the POURING RAIN!! Seriously, I thought it was a desert we were going to? I want my money back!

2. Harry performing some of his exercises beside the pool... hilarous to watch!

3. Myself and Harry at the turnaround point on the bike. Middle. Of. Nowhere. Still smiling though!

4. Evening sun over the lake... beautiful.

5. A pre-race dinner with Harry and Andreas. So glad I had these guys racing with me, it would have been much harder without them!

6. Checking out the swim for the last time. The temperature in the lake is like a hot bath and like thick soup to swim through... or maybe that is because I am so rubbish at swimming? Note to self: Less time on the water slides... more time in the adults pool during training next year!

7. HERE WE GO!!  Fourth from the back in the left hand line you can just make me out waving. Seriously scared by this point!

8. Got too nervous to look around at my competitiors so decided facing the wrong way practicing some last minute sculling was a good idea...

------- Interlude whilst race commences and Philip does an awful job of both spectating and photographing. Blog readers you can imagine me looking super pro, erasing any realistic images of me having grime all over my face from the swim or splats of mud from the wet roads up by front and back from your mind. ------

9. Post race smiles from myself and Harry :). 12th and 20th respectively in our age categories. Check out the size of those medals!

Thank you to everyone who supported me in the lead up to Vegas and during the race itself, especially Cindi my coach and Philip who have to put up with my scattiness and forgettfulness, my parents and sisters for reminding me that triathlon isn't actually the be all and end all of my life, Tim for making me strong on the bike earlier in the year, Chantal for inspiring me to push myself further, Ro for being a shoulder to cry on, Ed for bringing a smile to my face with his dancing and all my other best friends who have been there for me during this year and before.

Next year? Wimbleball 70.3 in June. If I qualify and have the funds- Canada for the Worlds again and if not, a season of cycle racing.

Cannot. Wait.