Ed Brett

As a Coach

A dedicated and kind coach, Ed puts a great deal of thought into every athlete, training plan, and coaching session. Coming from a background in physics Ed has a great eye for detail and attention to biomechanical movements which sets him apart from most coaches. His understanding of sport is not just from personal experience (although he has a wealth of that to draw upon) but from spending hours analysing with scientific accuracy how the body works and how speed can be gained from increased efficiency.

Background on Ed

Ed graduated from Durham University with a Master’s in Physics and Full University Colours in 2012. Ed has always loved coaching and one of his early achievements was coaching a junior rowing crew who went on to row at the Youth Olympics. Ed loves music and plays violin, piano, guitar and saxophone. His other interests include astronomy, travel, whisky and cats! He is a total gadget and computer nerd and enjoys nothing more than fixing bikes while quoting 'Lord of the Rings' characters.


As an athlete

Ed started triathlon in 2008 enjoying a break from a successful school and university rowing career. He was immediately hooked and found himself representing Durham University and Great Britain in short course racing during the 2009 season. In 2010 Ed decided to go long and raced Ironman UK, coming second in his age category and securing a place to the 2010 Ironman World Championships. After racing in Kona, Ed put triathlon on the back burner while finishing his masters in Physics and setting up Tri Training Harder. However, in 2013 he qualified for Kona at Ironman South Africa and raced on the big Island for a second time in October.