“True Coaching begins with the athlete and then develops a programme uniting in all areas of their preparation”

At Tri Training Harder we believe in delivering a complete and holistic package of coaching and we recognise that coaching is a partnership with not only the athlete but also all the people involved with their training to deliver a succinct and aligned plan for the athlete. For that reason, we have developed our coaching Add Ons which bring together our experience of working as part of an Integrated Support Team with our race team athletes to all our athletes.

The level of depth and understanding and influence you can benefit from by working alongside all these professionals and therefore the number of strategic performance gains we can make in the obvious and also the not so obvious methods are truly immense. It is for this reason that our race team wanted this package in their training arsenal over and above fancy, shiny, material sponsorship options as they knew they had some of the world’s best in their field supporting every decision that was made.

The athlete is the critical component of any training programme and that is why we are looking at giving the athlete the best opportunity to thrive for their results.

If you would like to learn more about how the Integrated Support Team setup works, click here to view our video with The Bosworth Clinic Staff talking about their experience of running IST's with the Tri Training Harder Race Team.


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