Improve your swimming and running this season.

Let us organise a swim or run coaching session for you.

At Tri Training Harder, we understand how important it is to get meaningful feedback and advice. Therefore, we have a team of highly professional coaches who are on hand to help you with your training needs. Our face to face sessions allow you (and any friends or training buddies) time with one of our coaches working on parts of triathlon you need assistance with. After the session, all participants will receive a personal Feedback Report explaining in detail what areas you need to improve on, a reminder of the drills to achieve this and a digital copy of any video analysis you have done as well.

Cost is dependant on the venue and the time you want to work with the coach. However, typically £35-60 for an hour session, with a video feedback report and technical adjustments.

Booking a session with us:

If you want to book with us, please go ahead and follow the link below. We can do the session either near you, or near one of our coaches. However, please note, that if one of our coaches are taking part in a training session near you, it needs to be suitable for the session. For example, if we are doing a swimming session, we made need further information from the venue to confirm the use of video cameras in the pool. We will of course work with you to make the session fit your triathlon needs.

Please make sure you bring with you any accessories you may need (e.g. swimming toys or running watches) and if we are doing video analysis, ensure you have some warmer kit/a towel poolside as the session will have some sitting down and going through the video.



Mark, Swim Session Review 2018:

Absolutely loved this course, and would recommend it 100%. Very well run and organised, the coach was exceptional, and really took his time to fully explain and demonstrate drills to help rectify errors in my swim stroke.

The video analysis and feedback were invaluable, and having another go in the pool after watching the video to put into practice what we had been told, only helped to embed the information. We then had another video analysis to view after this feedback. Very good service to do this twice.

Once home I received links to my videos and also detailed instructions on what I needed to do to further improve my swimming. Thanks to all at Tri Training Harder.

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