Sorrel Williams

As a Coach

Having worked in HR and Management for a good few years, Sorrel realised quite quickly that coaching was overtaking her passion for HR, leading to a complete career change.

Sorrel enjoys working with all levels of athlete and has an interest in sports psychology and how the mind can impact sporting performance (constructively or destructively). This led to a Level 3 qualification in Sports Psychology which she has been utilising with all athletes that she works with. Sorrel has a science degree so enjoys applying data as well as psychology to assist athletes in achieving their potential. In 2017 Sorrel also completed her BTF Level 3 Coaching Course and is a regular coach with the BTF South Central Regional Academy and her local triathlon club.

Q & A

Where are you based? Oxfordshire

When did you get into triathlon? 2012 as an athlete and 2014 as a coach.

How did you first get involved in triathlon? After completing a few duathlons (bet with a friend), I got fed up with saying I couldn't swim when people asked me which triathlon I was going to had swimming lessons and it all tumbled out from there.

What is your favourite discipline? Transition.

Why did you choose to take up coaching? I feel such a sense of achievement knowing that I have helped someone achieve their goals, it's the natural thing to do!

What is your greatest athletic achievement? Finishing an ironman distance swim as part of relay team, having only learnt to swim 12 months prior to the event.

What is your greatest coaching achievement? When trying new things out with an athlete and they come back from a length/rep/loop with THE biggest smile on their declaring that 'that' (whatever it was) was a-mazing.

What one piece of advice would you give someone new to triathlon? Don't concern yourself with what everyone else is doing and just focus on you.

Favourite quote: "If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got."



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As an athlete

Originally with a background in mountain biking, Sorrel started competing in duathlon after a bet with a friend. Becoming hooked on training for two disciplines rather than one, she moved into triathlon after deciding to take the plunge to learn how to swim properly. After joining her local triathlon club to find people to train with, she has competed at all triathlon distances up to and including Ironman distance, and represented GB at Age-Group (Long Course). Sorrel's favourite moment during a race was actually straight after an event when all her friends and family started to ring her - unknown to her they had been tracking her all day online, sending messages to each other, urging her on. Even though you can’t see them, never forget that you are still being supported somewhere!