Alan Ward

As a Coach

Alan has a Masters Degree in Coaching Science and is a BTF Level 3 Qualified Coach, who also holds an ASA L2 Teaching Qualification. Coaching online athletes with Tri Training Harder since 2014 Alan has worked with a wide spectrum of athletes from beginner, to youth and junior elite athletes through to Ironman Kona Finishers. Prior to this Alan has coached within a club setting since 2007 predominantly taking swimming sessions for the clubs he has coached within. Taking many athletes from the very basics of front crawl up to competing confidently at a variety of distances in open water.

Alan believes in having a flexible approach to working with athletes in order to be able to respond to the individuals needs and responsiveness to different approaches to training.

Alan’s preference is to work with athletes who are on a fortnightly or weekly package.


As an Athlete

Alan loves a flat course and going fast! He took up cycling (thanks to a gift from his Dad) during his undergraduate degree after too much socialising had led to a bit of extra weight, one thing led to another somebody mentioned triathlon and so the adventure began. Alan first took part in a triathlon in 2005 and has gone on to compete at all distances within Triathlon. He has competed at World Age Group level at sprint, standard and 70.3 distance as well as multiple Ironman races and winning some smaller triathlons, however, it is a peak personal performance that he strives for that day when it "all feels easy and you reach the finish with a satisfied smile on your face". 

Alan has been a lifelong athlete and has a strong competitive nature for any sport. A childhood that includes table-tennis, cricket, football, cross country, swimming and others says a lot about his love for sport. Since the age of 14 Alan has given up his time to various sporting clubs working on committees pre/during and post-university. Alan loves to be outdoors, be it swim, bike, run or anything else it helps to satisfy his sense of exploration and adventure.

Q & A

When did you get into triathlon? 2005 as an athlete, 2006 as a coach.

How did you first get involved in triathlon? The local club president stopped me in the street whilst I was losing some University 'weight' cycling. He was a rather authoritative man so I did as I was told.

What is your favourite discipline? Cycling

Why did you choose to take up coaching? I have always enjoyed coaching and helping others. I first did this at the age of 16 within Table tennis coaching juniors in Primary Schools and within the club.

What is your greatest athletic achievement? Kronborg 70.3 running close to 1hr30 off the bike off next to no run training. Thanks to Gordon Bosworth for putting Humpty Dumpty together again!

What is your greatest coaching achievement? I think it is fantastic for athletes to achieve the pinnacle of their sport and win or achieve a medal or qualification. Personally I take a lot of satisfaction in those 'I get it' moments that are achieved on the road, at the track or in the pool with athletes.

What one piece of advice would you give someone new to triathlon? Be patient, hurry slowly.

Favourite quote: The Man in the Arena speech by Theodore Roosevelt I always liked since reading Sir Clive Woodwards book 'Winning'. Failing that a very simple 'Be Nice' which was from a head of year at a secondary school I worked at in the past when speaking to a student that I worked one to one with.